S 1999 - Coktail Jet - Nuclear Lill (Nuclear Kosmos) - 1.10.7 - SEK 7.332.377 + E 542.845
height 161 cm - lenght 163 cm
Naglo is the result of a perfect cross: ¼ French and ¾ American. In the Italian harness racing history, there are important examples about how the French blood, in right dose, can improve our breed. Naglo has got Speedy Samolli blood in his veins through the winner of Hambletonian Nuclear Kosmos, and through his ‘grandmother’ Aralia he is part of the important line of Hoot Man. So by feminine side he is American. By masculine line, he is the best son of Cocktail Jet. Naglo is the subject more similar to his sire both for the conformation and for track’s results. As an athlete, he has proved to be able to run with the different schemes, winning both by overcoming, like in the Prix de France 2005, and leading from start to finish. He also proved to be able to perfectly comply on the French tracks, with the well-known up and downs, and on the more traditional Swedish ones. He is starting breeding, with an outstanding fertility. His interesting genealogy with his peculiarities make of him an improving stallion. A great opportunity of ‘outcross’ improving for several dams.

  FAKIR DU VIVIER   1.14.6  
  QUOUKY WILLIAMS   1.14.2   
 COKTAIL JET   1.10.0   
   SUPER BOWL   1.56.2  
  SPEEDY SUG   2.04.1  
  SPEEDY SOMOLLI   1.55.0  
  NUCLEAR KOSMOS   1.55.4   
   NEVELE SWIZZLE   2.13.1  
 NUCLEAR LILL   1.16.4   
  HOOT SPEED   1.57.3  
 ARALIA   1.17.3   
  KAMELIA   1.25.6  

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