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Allevamenti Toniatti
Allevamenti Toniatti
USA 1997 - Armbro Goal - Legendary Love (Speedy Somolli) - 1.10.0 - E 2.000.000
height 160 cm - lenght 164 cm
The steel horse. Legendary Lover’s competitive career has shown his incredible physical and athletic qualities. He has competed in seven countries, winning at maximum levels: United States, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Finland, proving to be among the stronger harness horses of the last years. During six seasons he won 15 Big Premt in USA and Europa, and among those 7 groups 1. His important start list includes the famous 2nd place at Breeders Crown, Meadowlands, when he was 7-years-old during the U.S. transfer. The fact to be known as a steel horse, to have an excellent fertility and a perfect conformation have made of him a great breeder.

  SPEEDY SCOT   1.56.4  
  SPEEDY CROWN   1.57.1   
   MISSILE TOE   2.05.2  
 ARMBRO GOAL   1.54.3   
   STAR'S PRIDE   1.57.1  
 ARMBRO FLIGHT   1.59   
  HELICOPTER   2.02.3  
  SPEEDY CROWN   1.57.1  
  SPEEDY SOMOLLI   1.55.0   
  ARNDON   1.54.0  
 B.J.'S LOVE   2.00.4   

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