USA 2002 - Yankee Glide - Jambo (Tagliabue) - 1.52.3 - $ 1.066.946
height 159 cm - lenght 162 cm
Horse of the year 2004 in USA at only 2 years! Ken Warkentin is the best son of Yankee Glide both for timing with 1.10.0 per km, and for wins with 902.355 $. He established the worl record when he was 2, together with Mark Labell, with 1.55.3 at Bluegrass on Red Mile track at Lexington. He is among the richest 2-years-old of the history with 643.240 $ of wins. When he was 3, two weeks before Hambletonian, he trotted towards his personal record of 1.10.0 (1.52.3) becoming the favourite of the most important race in USA. An injury obliged him to an early withdrawal. From a genealogic point of view, there is a curious note to be made from dam’s side with Victorious Lou who produced Valley Victoria, Valley Victory’s dam, and Louisa, Ken Warkentin’s ‘grand mother’. The feminine line is considered as one of the most important is USA. Ken Warkentin’s brothers have been paid respectively 290.000 $ and 100.000 $ at the auctions in Lexington/USA in 2004 and 2005.

  BALTIC SPEED   1.56.0  
  VALLEY VICTORY   1.55.3   
   VALLEY VICTORIA   2.00.3  
 YANKEE GLIDE   1.55.1   
   SPEEDY CROWN   1.57.1  
  YANKEE FLIGHT   2.05.3  
  SUPER BOWL   1.56.2  
  TAGLIABUE   1.53.3   
  HOMESICK   1.58.3  
 LOUISA   1.59.4   

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