Allevamenti Toniatti
Allevamenti Toniatti
Allevamenti Toniatti
S 1998 - Super Arnie - Clorita Lobell (Speedy Crown) - 1.10.7 - SEK 20.254.374
height 162 cm - lenght 163 cm
Gigant Neo is without any doubt one of the stronger European harness horses. He won 29 races among 55 starts, with 9 placements, reporting the following records: 1.10.7 on 1.600 mt, 1.12.2 on 2.100 mt and 1.12.7 on 2.700 mt (tapes departure). He is now training for the Fall in Paris where he will try to improve the 2nd place obtained in 2005 at the Amerique. He has won 4 races of group 1 and more than 1.500.000 $. Classic winner in Sweden: E3 OpenKlass in 2001 group 1 race (heat and final), Konung Gustaf Pokal in 2002 group 1 race (heat and final). He got a placement in 2001 at Svenkst Trav Kriterium in group 1 race (winning the heat), Sprinter Mastaren in 2002 group 1 race (first in the heat), Breeder’s Crown in 2002 group 1 race. Great protagonist also in France by winning: Marcel Laurent Price, Criterium de Vitesse (group 1 race), Grand Prix du Sud-Ouest; was 2nd in the Amerique in 2005 and 3rd in Prix d’Amerique in 2003 and in the Paris Price. He appeared in Italy only once and won the Costa Azzurra in 2005 in 1.12.0 establishing the race and track record. Gigant Neo is, for records and prices, the best son of Super Arnie. Since several years he is at highest ranking among the Swedish stallions.

  STAR'S PRIDE   1.57.1  
  SUPER BOWL   1.56.2   
   PILLOW TALK   2.11.1  
 SUPER ARNIE   1.11.0   
   ARNIE ALMAHURST   1.57.2  
 ARNIES LIKENESS   2.00.1   
  SPEEDY SCOT   1.56.4  
  SPEEDY CROWN   1.57.1   
   MISSILE TOE   2.05.2  
 CLORITA LOBELL   1.15.2   
  SPEEDY COUNT   1.58.4  

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